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Striving to ensure a safe, reliable and comfortable operating environment 
The warranty proposal that best suits your needs 

All products at HUFCOR come with a standard warranty period. Tailor-made warranty proposals can also be arranged to meet special requirements. Within the warranty period, our repair and maintenance team will conduct periodic check-ups of partitions to ensure safety of HUFCOR products. 

Expertly trained technicians 

We are committed to train our repair and maintenance team to be service leaders with the highest technical and professional standards, continuously updating our technician training with the latest advances and methods.

Free consultation service

HUFCOR believes that only partitions of the highest technological and aesthetic standard can provide a comfortable environment. Our specialists are available to provide a FREE consultation to assess the performance of your partitions.

24-Hour hotline 

Everything you need is just a call away. Our service hotline provides 24/7 support in answering your enquiries or dealing with emergency situations regarding your partitions. Customers can get in touch with our specialists anytime with just one simple phone call.

Preventive maintenance 

All operable walls need preventive maintenance to extend their life and keep them operating smoothly; a proven and systematic procedure enhances the safety and reliability of your partitions. Preventive maintenance services include a comprehensive inspection of every component of the partitions. Our technicians will resolve most situations by adjusting, lubricating, tightening and cleaning. In the event we find any damage to your partitions, our technicians will recommend a total solution at no charge.

Non-HUFCOR branded partitions

If you are using non-HUFCOR branded partitions and is experiencing technical or other problems, call us now and our specialists are available for a free consultation to assess the performance for your partitions as well.

HUFCOR repair & maintenance services provide your partitions with the best possible care to maximize their operating performance, efficiency and safety, giving clients a better return on their investment.