7000 Series Goes “Beyond Conventions” – Featured in the Setia City Convention Centre

“Beyond Conventions” now describes more than just the Setia City Convention Centre.

Chosen to be installed in prestigious convention centre of Shah Alam, Malaysia, HUFCOR’s 7000 Series operable wall sets new standards for acoustic performance by meeting an acoustic performance level of STC 51. Installed on the ground floor and grand ballroom, two sets of partitions totalling 26 panels each stand 7.5 metres tall and help shape the space for any event.

The convention hall is now open for functions, so if you are in the area, feel free to experience the acoustic performance that pushes boundaries. For a peek at what’s already installed, feel free to take a look at the photos taken at our photography session.

Special thanks for the Setia City Convention Centre and its team members for the arrangements :)

High Quality Control System Low Risk of Unfortunate Events

It was saddening to hear of the unfortunate incident that happened in Shanghai’s Kervan Mediterranean Restaurant where a young boy was seriously injured due to a faulty partition. But in retrospect, how could we limit or, better yet, eliminate these risks?

Unlike some local brands that do not configure their partitions correctly, such as failing to match the height and weight of the partition to its tracks and carriers, a reputable brand like HUFCOR upholds the strictest level of quality control. Our professional Repair & Maintenance Service Team provides a one-stop solution for customers to keep operable walls to the highest condition – not just for our own brand, but also for other brands too.

Time for a needed check-up or want more information? Feel free to contact us now.

HUFCOR Commits to Be an Industry Leader

Leadership, integrity, commitment and excellence – the 4 core values that are important to HUFCOR.

Since talent is our most important asset, we hold bi-weekly staff meetings to share these core values and ensure our employees build better ideas on their goals and objectives to build towards our future success. But creating these long term relationships do not just stop with our employees.

Fostering a bond with every customer, we strongly believe this ideal will take us further. Indeed, taking us to new heights.

HUFCOR Employees Stay Sharp with Sales and Product Training

Continuous learning leads to continuous improvement. That’s vital to HUFCOR when we seek development in our most important assets – our people.

That’s why, every year we provide a large-scale training for employees at our Panyu facility. This year during March, selected employees from both Hong Kong and China grasped an even better understanding for operable walls and production lines. All while receiving an opportunity to exchange sales and marketing experience.

View our photos of the highlights below and see why everyone had bright smiles and ideas throughout the few days of training.

HUFCOR Partners with Government Authorities

While HUFCOR products can be found in many major industries within Hong Kong, none is as prevalent as the government sector.

Like the Tamar Central Government Offices project that was completed in 2012, HUFCOR provided solutions for a flexible workspace and high soundproofing environment. Hand chosen to work hand in hand with the government on many large-scale projects, we have been found in many government establishments – from Tin Shui Wai Sports Centre to the Wan Chai Market to the MWP Solar Tower and more.

Truly building on the 110 years of success HUFCOR has experienced throughout the times.

Tamar Central Government Offices

Ma Wan Solar Tower

Wanchai Market

Tin Shui Wai Sport Centre

The Operable Wall of Choice? Introducing the 600 Series to the Market

What does Liu Po Shan Memorial College, Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, Conpak CPA Limited, Tamar Central Government Offices, AsiaWorld-Expo and more have in common?

The 600 Series – the newly launched premier quality operable wall.

Found in many major sectors, from educational institutions, hotels, offices, government buildings, conventions centres to restaurants, religious buildings and more, the 600 Series is now being recognized by the market as the operable wall of choice.

To see why, take a look at the photos below and feel free to visit www.hufcor.com.hk/products.php?lang=tc.

Conpak CPA Limited

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel

Liu Po Shan Memorial College

The Religious Sector Praying for More High Quality Operable Walls

The demand for operable walls is high when function space is naturally scarce in a place like Hong Kong. While it is becoming increasingly difficult for religious organizations to organize events like sharing circles, quiet prayers, large-scale services and more, how can we help open more doors of opportunity and options?

That’s where we come in. At HUFCOR, we offer to manage existing space by dividing areas with safe, reliable, quality and flexible solutions. Our operable partitions let you shape your space to your heart’s content. While funds or budgets may be limited, we truly understand the necessity of affordable partitions that caters to your need – starting with excellent acoustic performance for a quiet and comfortable environment.

Amen to that.

Fresh Off the Press – HUFCOR’s 1st Quarterly E-newsletter

Want to stay updated with our latest happenings or our newest innovations and “Product Highlights”?

Read through our April 2013 issue of our quarterly e-newsletter, our 1st issue of many more to come. We’ll be sharing our biggest projects completed to date and exciting upcoming news across the Asia-Pacific region.

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Regular and Reliable. An After-sales Service You Can Trust

Ensuring the highest quality of operable walls, we pride ourselves on providing free repair and maintenance service for customers. Just take Hua Ting Hotel Towers as an example.

On 10 April, our professional Repair & Maintenance team carried out a series of tests and check-ups on panels and tracks. Not only did we ensure normal and smooth future operations, but also ensured that Hua Ting Hotel Towers could entrust us with our attentive after-sales care.

Because we truly believe trust is earned before it is given.

Feel part of the experience by taking a look at the photos of our professional Repair & Maintenance team below.

A New Location is the Beginning for a New Start

Our Regional Headquarters embarks on new beginnings – starting by moving to a new location.

Moving to Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, our Regional Headquarters is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of people and activities. With a panoramic sea view of the Victoria Harbour, we are pleased to be even closer to our customers.

See for yourself our new office space and feel free to visit us anytime soon :)