HUFCOR 600G Acoustical Operable Glass Partitions

 We have recently completed the installation of our 600G acoustical operable glass partitions in the meeting rooms of G-III Apparel Group Ltd. in Hong Kong and the illuminating effect and spaciousness that the glass partitions provide are both aesthetically pleasing and functional in nature. Connecting two meeting rooms and providing the space management options that today’s busy corporate schedule demand are upmost on architect’s mind when they select the right product to satisfy their customers’ needs. Hufcor double glazed panel system also provides industry-leading acoustical performance of up to STC 48.


HUFCOR Built The Tallest 18 Meter Operable Partitions In The World!

In 2007, HUFCOR had the opportunity to get involved in the design of the tallest operable partition project in the Doha Convention Center located in the natural resource rich country of Qatar. We subsequently won the project and the partition set-up was recently completed after 7 years of involvement. This is a proud moment for HUFCOR and as the tallest movable partitions in the world, it is a testament to our research & development, design, engineering, manufacturing and project management capabilities. HUFCOR’s one-stop total solution continues to be valued by architects and interior design companies and our worldwide track record in setting up movable partition that are 10 meter and above are unmatched in this industry where durability and ease of operation are critical elements to consider when picking the right operable partition company. Stay tune to this blog as we will be posting photos of these stunning 18 meter tall panels in the near future…………

HUFCOR Showcased its Industry Leading Operable Partitions in Macau

Macau is a booming market for the gaming and hospitality sectors and it is on the back of such growth that HUFCOR exhibited at the BUILDING E&M Macau trade show from 20th to 22nd Nov 2013 showcasing our extensive range of operable partitions including the industry leading steel frame 600 series and new acoustic glasswall, among others. Together with our Macau distributor, HUFCOR’s team of sales, marketing and engineering personnel were also present to welcome visitors who come mainly from the hospitality sector. We met customers and prospects from not just Macau but also all over Asia and had many useful conversations with insight into the hospitality sector itself. As HUFCOR continues to invest in the Macau and Asia Pacific markets, many of these contacts and insights will help us to increase our presence and market share. We also won the Asia Green Award, a testament to our efforts in taking care of the environment and creating a greener tomorrow.

HUFCOR Macau Building E&M Trade Show

The exhibition entrance

HUFCOR was honored with Asia Green Award by the organizer in this trade show.

HUFCOR Hong Kong Sales Team with Harbor Engineering Co. Ltd., our Macau distributor.

Left to right: Jennifa Chan (Regional Marketing Communications Specialist, Asia Pacific) & Wayne Chiang (Sales Director, HK, Macau, Taiwan (ROC) & South Korea)

Left to right: Jason Chen (District Sales Manager, Southern China), Jennifa Chan, Jolin Wang (Marketing Assistant), Wayne Chiang and Max Ke (Deputy Sales Manager, Guangzhou)

Grand Opening Ceremony of HUFCOR’s New Manufacturing Facility in Panyu, Guangdong, China

We held the grand opening of our new manufacturing facility located in Panyu, Guangdong, China on 8th November 2013. Senior executives from HUFCOR including Michael Borden (CEO), William Murry (President), Scott Gerhatz (CFO) and Frazer Teo (COO) attended the event together with all team members to celebrate this milestone event.

Occupying 100,000 square feet and in production since July 2012, HUFCOR has been investing in state-of-the-art machineries and equipments to manufacture its latest 600 series galvanised steel frame operable partitions. This new product is designed and engineered by HUFCOR in our US global headquarters with technology transfer and production lines set up according to lean manufacturing principles to ensure efficiency and optimization. This new Panyu facility manufacture both standard and customized products for both the domestic and export markets. Other notable addition is a new research & development laboratory and capability to provide professional training and technical assistance.

About HUFCOR Asia Pacific Ltd.:
HUFCOR Asia Pacific Ltd., regional headquarters in Hong Kong, oversees the operations of operable partition manufacturing and sales, and supplies its products across more than 20 countries in the region.

HUFCOR’s New Manufacturing Facility Opening Ceremony

A group photo with all HUFCOR Panyu facility team member

Left to right: Michael Borden (CEO) and William Murry (President)

Left to right: Michael Borden (CEO), William Murry (President) and Frazer Teo (COO)

William Murry (President) adds the finishing touches to the lion’s eye

Summit™ Vertical Lift – A Success Story in United States

This year, we launched a series of quality products to take flexible space management in a new direction. Introducing the Summit™ Vertical Lift partitions.

The Summit™ Vertical Lift system takes acoustic operable panels through a narrow slot and stacks them neatly above the ceiling. The slot width is only 125mm, making it difficult to spot, but easy to see how it can enhance visual aesthetics. The unique, automated lifting and stacking device does not need any additional installation of moving parts, which is highly convenient and lowers the probability of maintenance. Built with an interlocking system of seals, this unique partition can prevent sound leaks between panels. Undergoing even stricter quality control, the safety system ensures reliability.

And with all these benefits, California’s Time Warner Cable Sports Television and Duke University in North Carolina decided to implement our partitions. Want a sneak peek of how they look? Watch them in action in our demo video.

By using Summit™, the office of Time Warner Cable Sports Television not only saves space, but also creates a more flexible work area by separating off a lounge for staff to enjoy. What’s more, by using a green cup, we instantly tested the partitions to see how they can stop their downward movement and reverse if they should encounter a person or object.

Duke University in North Carolina also made use of the Summit™ to satisfy their diverse needs. All while showcasing the details of the series and its operation.

Looking for more details? Feel free to watch the video below!

Summit – Time Warner

Summit – Duke

Reaching New Heights – Introducing Malaysia’s Tallest Operable Wall at the Syarqiyyah Palace Terengganu

Our Malaysia Marketing team was in for a royal treat. Visiting the Syarqiyyah Palace Terengganu, they captured the beauty of the tallest operable wall in Malaysia – a sign of success for HUFCOR. Design is vital to the palace, a place fitted with chandeliers and furniture designed with the best craftsmanship.

The HUFCOR operable wall is set to be installed within the Throne Room. Reaching 12 metres tall, the wall is also known for its high acoustic performances of STC47. 2 sets of Classic™ 7000 Series partitions featuring 31 panels each will be finished with wood engravings and a silver coating at the centre. Indeed, designed to complement the ambience of luxury and prestige.

Apart from the Throne Room, HUFCOR also installed its Aluminum 5000R partitions in the dining hall. The panels reach 6 metres in height and also attain an acoustic level of STC47, while being uniquely finished with wallpaper. Arrange these panels together and be in for a surprise. Feel as if you have put together a painting on a black and white canvas that features Malaysia’s local culture. An art of appreciation truly on display. Awesome, isn’t it?

What’s more, let us share with you some of the highlight moments taken at the Syarqiyyah Palace Terengganu!

Newly launched Glasswall 600G. Newly featured on PRC.

Pacific Rim Construction (PRC) is an internationally renowned magazine of the construction industry. It is known for sharing the industry’s latest information, insights and interviews; reports on recent industry awards, events and prestigious architectural projects; as well as analyses the trends in hotel development. Indeed, a must-read for industry professionals from far and wide.

What’s more, ‘Green’ has continued being the key content of PRC – everything from green architecture and beyond.

And for the very first time, HUFCOR has turned a new page and published a double page advertisement on this prestigious magazine. Our newly launched Glasswall 600G is featured because of the same commitment to going green. In the midst of rising real estate prices, the need for flexible space usage that also embodies the beauty of modern designs is highly desired.

The new Glasswall 600G is flexible and features high acoustic levels. When one thinks of flexibility, stylish and detail-oriented designs wrapped into one, how can they not think of Glasswall 600G? Besides shading you from strong sunlight, the built-in blinds transforms your area into a quiet sanctum so you can focus even better on the job at hand.

Learn more about HUFCOR products today. Please visit our new Glasswall 600G!


Committed to Reliability. Committed to the Society.

As the world leader in flexible space management, HUFCOR enthusiastically participates in charitable activities.

Recently, we are proud to announce that we installed partitions for the WWF Hong Kong – providing a flexible workplace to help foster better productivity and efficiency.

It also comes as an encouragement to receive overwhelming support from WWF Hong Kong, especially after they gave us a letter of complement for our quality partitions and services. Showcasing a prime example of the beauty of our partitions and the flexible workplaces that can come to life because of them.

Upholding a high regard for social responsibility, we strive to continue being a company with high values of integrity that gives back to society. Because we believe it’s always better to give than receive – especially if it’s a helping hand.

Your One Solution for Meeting Different Requirements – Aluminum 5000R

On 1 August, we journeyed to Shenzhen with our service and maintenance team to photograph three projects – Venice Hotel Shenzhen, Shenzhen China Merchants Bank Tower VIP Hall and Lei Garden Restaurant Privilege Lounge.We thank the owners of the sites and our enthusiastic engineering department staff for capturing these exquisite shots. Plus, the Aluminum 5000R for making everything possible.

The ballroom of Venice Hotel Shenzhen is installed with 16 pieces of 3.95 meters tall Aluminum 5000R partitions to flexibility separate the spaces. What’s more, its pocket door on every partition provides a convenient operation environment. Here, you can see that the ballroom can be easily divided into 2 sophisticated meeting rooms.

The ballroom of Venice Hotel Shenzhen is installed with 16 pieces of 3.95 meters tall Aluminum 5000R partitions to flexibility separate the spaces. What’s more, its pocket door on every partition provides a convenient operation environment. Here, you can see that the ballroom can be easily divided into 2 sophisticated meeting rooms.Located on the 54th floor, the top of the building, this VIP hall elevates perspectives by letting you catch a glorious view of the bustling city below.

Lei Garden Restaurant Privilege Lounge was installed with 5 sets of 23 Aluminum 5000R operable partitions, each standing at 3 meters tall. This was used to separate the restaurant space from the Privilege Lounge. The Privilege Lounge can also be segregated into two sumptuously spacious areas when needed.The finishing with decorative metal strips that resemble wood highlights an elegant and noble temperament.

All in all, these 3 projects may require something different, but HUFCOR Aluminum 5000R still meets their needs. Just like how we believe our professionalism will indeed satisfy your demand for flexible space management.