HUFCOR Built The Tallest 18 Meter Operable Partitions In The World!

In 2007, HUFCOR had the opportunity to get involved in the design of the tallest operable partition project in the Doha Convention Center located in the natural resource rich country of Qatar. We subsequently won the project and the partition set-up was recently completed after 7 years of involvement. This is a proud moment for HUFCOR and as the tallest movable partitions in the world, it is a testament to our research & development, design, engineering, manufacturing and project management capabilities. HUFCOR’s one-stop total solution continues to be valued by architects and interior design companies and our worldwide track record in setting up movable partition that are 10 meter and above are unmatched in this industry where durability and ease of operation are critical elements to consider when picking the right operable partition company. Stay tune to this blog as we will be posting photos of these stunning 18 meter tall panels in the near future…………

The Operable Wall of Choice? Introducing the 600 Series to the Market

What does Liu Po Shan Memorial College, Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, Conpak CPA Limited, Tamar Central Government Offices, AsiaWorld-Expo and more have in common?

The 600 Series – the newly launched premier quality operable wall.

Found in many major sectors, from educational institutions, hotels, offices, government buildings, conventions centres to restaurants, religious buildings and more, the 600 Series is now being recognized by the market as the operable wall of choice.

To see why, take a look at the photos below and feel free to visit

Conpak CPA Limited

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel

Liu Po Shan Memorial College

HUFCOR Proudly Participates in HK Build4Asia 2012

For HUFCOR, it has been a while since we participated in a high-caliber tradeshow.

From June 4 to June 7, 2012, we participated in the HK Build4Asia – 4-in-1 Tradeshow was . Being able to step on this grand stage, we were excited and filled with anticipation.

We showcased the new 600 Series, Series 5000, the frameless glass wall GL21 and Roomate™ mobile partition to our customers so they can experience every detail live, from the features to the quality. Attracting a lot of attention, many new and past customers came to visit to explore the potential for future collaborations. During the tradeshow, an Architects Forum was also organized for many renowned architects to share their insights and thoughts, which gave us new inspiration.

And for a job well-done, we’d like to take this opportunity to give a huge THANK YOU to all our sales colleagues who, apart from having to network with architects and the like, had to share their knowledge with customers and experts on-site. We couldn’t have done it without their unwavering support during the 6 months of preparation. Their hard work helped our sales team track down even more leads – a great result for a perfect showcase at the tradeshow. The work may have had its ups and downs, but the experience was priceless.

Do you want to share this precious moment with us? Feel free to watch our highlights in the video below! ;)

2012 HK Build4Asia