HUFCOR Built The Tallest 18 Meter Operable Partitions In The World!

In 2007, HUFCOR had the opportunity to get involved in the design of the tallest operable partition project in the Doha Convention Center located in the natural resource rich country of Qatar. We subsequently won the project and the partition set-up was recently completed after 7 years of involvement. This is a proud moment for HUFCOR and as the tallest movable partitions in the world, it is a testament to our research & development, design, engineering, manufacturing and project management capabilities. HUFCOR’s one-stop total solution continues to be valued by architects and interior design companies and our worldwide track record in setting up movable partition that are 10 meter and above are unmatched in this industry where durability and ease of operation are critical elements to consider when picking the right operable partition company. Stay tune to this blog as we will be posting photos of these stunning 18 meter tall panels in the near future…………

Reaching New Heights – Introducing Malaysia’s Tallest Operable Wall at the Syarqiyyah Palace Terengganu

Our Malaysia Marketing team was in for a royal treat. Visiting the Syarqiyyah Palace Terengganu, they captured the beauty of the tallest operable wall in Malaysia – a sign of success for HUFCOR. Design is vital to the palace, a place fitted with chandeliers and furniture designed with the best craftsmanship.

The HUFCOR operable wall is set to be installed within the Throne Room. Reaching 12 metres tall, the wall is also known for its high acoustic performances of STC47. 2 sets of Classic™ 7000 Series partitions featuring 31 panels each will be finished with wood engravings and a silver coating at the centre. Indeed, designed to complement the ambience of luxury and prestige.

Apart from the Throne Room, HUFCOR also installed its Aluminum 5000R partitions in the dining hall. The panels reach 6 metres in height and also attain an acoustic level of STC47, while being uniquely finished with wallpaper. Arrange these panels together and be in for a surprise. Feel as if you have put together a painting on a black and white canvas that features Malaysia’s local culture. An art of appreciation truly on display. Awesome, isn’t it?

What’s more, let us share with you some of the highlight moments taken at the Syarqiyyah Palace Terengganu!

7000 Series Goes “Beyond Conventions” – Featured in the Setia City Convention Centre

“Beyond Conventions” now describes more than just the Setia City Convention Centre.

Chosen to be installed in prestigious convention centre of Shah Alam, Malaysia, HUFCOR’s 7000 Series operable wall sets new standards for acoustic performance by meeting an acoustic performance level of STC 51. Installed on the ground floor and grand ballroom, two sets of partitions totalling 26 panels each stand 7.5 metres tall and help shape the space for any event.

The convention hall is now open for functions, so if you are in the area, feel free to experience the acoustic performance that pushes boundaries. For a peek at what’s already installed, feel free to take a look at the photos taken at our photography session.

Special thanks for the Setia City Convention Centre and its team members for the arrangements :)