Summit™ Vertical Lift – A Success Story in United States

This year, we launched a series of quality products to take flexible space management in a new direction. Introducing the Summit™ Vertical Lift partitions.

The Summit™ Vertical Lift system takes acoustic operable panels through a narrow slot and stacks them neatly above the ceiling. The slot width is only 125mm, making it difficult to spot, but easy to see how it can enhance visual aesthetics. The unique, automated lifting and stacking device does not need any additional installation of moving parts, which is highly convenient and lowers the probability of maintenance. Built with an interlocking system of seals, this unique partition can prevent sound leaks between panels. Undergoing even stricter quality control, the safety system ensures reliability.

And with all these benefits, California’s Time Warner Cable Sports Television and Duke University in North Carolina decided to implement our partitions. Want a sneak peek of how they look? Watch them in action in our demo video.

By using Summit™, the office of Time Warner Cable Sports Television not only saves space, but also creates a more flexible work area by separating off a lounge for staff to enjoy. What’s more, by using a green cup, we instantly tested the partitions to see how they can stop their downward movement and reverse if they should encounter a person or object.

Duke University in North Carolina also made use of the Summit™ to satisfy their diverse needs. All while showcasing the details of the series and its operation.

Looking for more details? Feel free to watch the video below!

Summit – Time Warner

Summit – Duke

High Quality Control System Low Risk of Unfortunate Events

It was saddening to hear of the unfortunate incident that happened in Shanghai’s Kervan Mediterranean Restaurant where a young boy was seriously injured due to a faulty partition. But in retrospect, how could we limit or, better yet, eliminate these risks?

Unlike some local brands that do not configure their partitions correctly, such as failing to match the height and weight of the partition to its tracks and carriers, a reputable brand like HUFCOR upholds the strictest level of quality control. Our professional Repair & Maintenance Service Team provides a one-stop solution for customers to keep operable walls to the highest condition – not just for our own brand, but also for other brands too.

Time for a needed check-up or want more information? Feel free to contact us now.

HUFCOR Commits to Be an Industry Leader

Leadership, integrity, commitment and excellence – the 4 core values that are important to HUFCOR.

Since talent is our most important asset, we hold bi-weekly staff meetings to share these core values and ensure our employees build better ideas on their goals and objectives to build towards our future success. But creating these long term relationships do not just stop with our employees.

Fostering a bond with every customer, we strongly believe this ideal will take us further. Indeed, taking us to new heights.

HUFCOR Employees Stay Sharp with Sales and Product Training

Continuous learning leads to continuous improvement. That’s vital to HUFCOR when we seek development in our most important assets – our people.

That’s why, every year we provide a large-scale training for employees at our Panyu facility. This year during March, selected employees from both Hong Kong and China grasped an even better understanding for operable walls and production lines. All while receiving an opportunity to exchange sales and marketing experience.

View our photos of the highlights below and see why everyone had bright smiles and ideas throughout the few days of training.